The AGSA and Loft8 Apparel are very excited to announce that they have entered into a partnership agreement to provide apparel to AGSA members and their staff at reduced prices.

Full Press Release Below:

Loft8 New Release.pdf

To check out what uniforms and clothing possibities Loft8 offers, take a look at their website:

AGSA is pleased to honor Founding AGSA Member and the Late Walt Gooder by renaming the the DSA to the "Walt Gooder Distinguished Service Award"

Calgary Elks becomes Audubon Certified

Congratulations to Cory Brown and the Staff at the Calgary Elks Golf Club in becoming a "Certified Audubon Sanctuary" 

Full Press Release here:

Environmental Policies Now Adopted by the AGSA

The AGSA Board of Directors has adopted the CGSA Environmental Policies.  These policy statements will be our framework for Environmental Planning.  Below is the link to the statements.

CGSA - IPM Policy Statement

CGSA - Nutrient Use

CGSA - Pesticide

CGSA - Water Use