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2022 Property Managers Conference Survey

2022 PMC Survey

Thank you for attending the 2022 AGSA Conference. Please take a moment to complete the following survey as we value your feedback.

Did you attend any of the 2022 Pre Conference Seminars?

Please rate the seminars you attended.

Jason Pick – Human Health and Safetly
Jason Pick – The “Business” of Golf – Professionalism
Ron Townsend – Plant Protection Challenges in a Changing Climate
Bob Wilkie – Tranformational Leadership

How would you rate the overall educational experience in the main area you attended?

Equipment Manager

What areas of eduction would you most like to see at 2023 PMC conference. Please rate the following topics in order of importance. Five being the most important.

Please rate the educational value of the conference related to the cost to attend.
What Hotel did you stay at?

How would you rate the Malcolm Hotel in the following areas

Overall Space
Room Quality

Please rate the following social events

Monday Night Welcome Reception at CanGolf
Tuesday Night Reception
Hospitality Suite

Please rate the speakers you attended in the Turfgrass Program.

In Journey to Hosting the 2022 RBC Canadian Open – Ian McQueen
Demystifying Pythium Turf Diseases and Their Control – Travis Russell
Leading Teams “ A Mindset “ -Jason Labonte
Virtual/Simulator Golf Design – Joe Jemsek
Design Consideration for Golf Courses -Alex Hay
Healthy Habits with a Crazy Lifestyle – Kathy Dmytruk
Avoiding Disaster Looking Beyond the Basics- Andera Sawatzky
New Insect Challenges for Alberta-Ron Townsend

Please rate the speakers you attended in the Horticulture Program.

Bacterial And Fungal infection of Trees- Amy Fehr
Caring for the Green Zone – Amy Macleod
Gardening Trends and New Things for 2023- Morgan Webb
Myths Busting in the Garden – Martina Holmes
Biochar: Chicken Soup for the soil! – Rob Lavoie
Arthopod Pests of Trees: Common Problems and how to Address – Ken Fry

Please rate the speakers you attended in the Equipment Managers Program.

Hand on Electronic Diagnostics – Kevin Hennigar
Hand on Training Tips on Welding an Fabrication – David Schmeider
Round Table discussion
How would you rate the TED Talk program, 15-20 minute talks.
Did you like the shift in days from Monday to Wednesday at the 2022 PMC?
Did you take advantage of Breakfast each day?
Please rate the Tuesday and Wednesday Breakfast.
Did you take advantage of Lunch each day?
Please rate the Tuesday and Wednesday Lunch.
Do you prefer a paper copy of the Conference Brochure or do you like the QR Code for access on you handheld device?
Overall, how would you rate your experience with us?

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